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Welcome to Jobs2day

Jobs2day was established to provide a reliable and cost effective service into most skilled, semi-skilled production, maintenance, service, financial, administration, installation and sales environments as well as technical fields, whatever the industry. We are fully committed to ensure the setting and achieving of high standards in staffing within our organisation. Being BBEEE Compliant (Level 4 Contributor) we are committed to Progressive Change.

Tight delivery dates, projects, skill shortages, illness, once-off problems, even just sheer pressure of work – any of these or a variety of other reasons can create challenges for organisations.

Many of these challenges can be solved by turning the labour tap on and off as the need arises. A single phone call will usually be sufficient for us to assess your requirements, possibly to arrange to visit to view the need, or simply to assign a relevant candidate into the position. 

Jobs2day operates a highly efficient and flexible permanent and temporary placement service.

The service includes: 

  • Advertising of Position
  • Screening of Applicants
  • Interviewing of Candidates
  • CV Preparations and submission
  • Reference Checking and ongoing quality assessment.
  • Response Handling
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